My price tables for both mediums: graphite and pastel, are listed below. If you have any queries please to not hesitate to email me.

The 'Dimensions' on the table shows the size of the drawing. Graphite drawings will be provided with a black mount, which will take the drawing up to the next standard size (ie an 8x10" drawing would become 10x12" with a mount). If you would like your drawing without a mount please specify so in your order. Pastel drawings do not come mounted as it allows for the mount colour to be carefully matched to your room colour and the colour of the portrait.

The single subject price is the price for one animal on the page, and can be a full body, partial body or portrait.
The additional subject shows how much it is to add another pet, or another view or the same pet, to the same page. The price in brackets is for additional subjects after the second subject (ie a 16x20" commission of 3 dogs would be £160 +£50 for the second dog and +£20 for the third dog).

Graphite Prices

Pastel Prices