How it Works


It’s easy to commission your own drawing! Just follow the steps below to ensure a smooth ordering process.

1. Choose your Photograph(s)

To select the best photograph for your drawing please refer to the photo guide. Unless you want a specific photograph drawn of your pet, it’s best to send me 3-5 photographs.

If you would like multiple pets drawn together, please provide a selection of 3-5 photographs of each pet.

2. Select your Medium

I offer two mediums: graphite (black and white only) and pastel (full colour). These mediums are very different from one another but you can see examples of them both in my gallery.

3. Select the Size of your Portrait

You can see a list of my sizes and respective prices here. If you would like a custom size not listed please email me at and we can discuss a price. Your portrait will be a size larger when it is mounted and larger still once it is framed.  For example, an 8×10” portrait with a mount will become 10×12″, and after it is framed it will become even larger depending on the size of the frame, so wall space is a key consideration (only graphite portraits come pre-mounted).

Larger drawings can show more detail, but only if the photograph is high enough quality (see the photo guide). Photographs that show less detail or are of poorer quality are better suited for smaller drawings.

4. Send in your Order Form

To order, please either send me an e-mail or message me through my Facebook page. Please include your preferred medium, size,  how many pets you would like in the drawing, and when you need to have your drawing completed for (for special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc) to ensure the process goes smoothly. Please remember that if you need extra time to get your drawing mounted and framed, your drawing may need to be finished in advance of your deadline, so please take that into consideration (generally 2-3 weeks for professional framing).

Please ensure that you book well in advance of any special occasions. As of July 2017, I am currently operating a 6-month waiting list!

5. Pay the Deposit

Once we have agreed upon a size and the price of your drawing, and I have seen the photographs, I will require a 25% deposit before I start. This can be paid by either Paypal or bank transfer.

6. Sketch Approval

Once your deposit has been paid, I will give you an estimated date as to when I plan to start working on your drawing. When I start your drawing, I will send you a preview of the sketch so you can tell me if you would like anything changed such as removing collars, adding name tags, moving fur that is hiding features, rearranging the layout, etc. I will not move onto the next step until you approve the sketch and are sure everything is the way you want it. Please note that if I do not receive a response within 7 days I will move onto my next commission.

7. Final Preview

After approving the sketch, I will begin shading your portrait. Please let me know if you would like additional work in progress shots as I will happily supply them. If not, the next image I will send you is the final preview. By this stage, it is often hard to make many additional changes, but if necessary any changes can be discussed on an individual basis. After approval of the final preview, the remaining balance will be made payable. (Please note P&P is not included.)

If you are still not satisfied with the drawing after having changes made the deposit will not be refunded (as this covers my material costs), but the final payment is not payable. These cases will be discussed on an individual basis.

8. Delivery

Once payment is complete, your drawing will be mounted (graphite drawings only) and securely packaged (all drawings are shipped flat). For addresses within the UK, your drawing will be sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery (a fully tracked and signed for service). For international addresses, shipping method and prices will be discussed on an individual basis. Please note that your drawing will not be shipped until your payment has cleared.